Demonstration models, floor models, damaged models, prototypes or anything that must go! Each item listed is quantity of 1. Once it's's gone!

Speedway Express Wagon 24x48
Hand crafted, Amish made Speedway Express wagon. Used for demonstration only. Similar to picture (except no white pin-stripes or Speedway lettering). Comes with hand brake. Everything new including 13 x 6.5 tires.
Regular price: $350.00
Sale price: $275.00
Unique Dodger themed wagon. Cartwheels wood platform 22x40, blue sides, Dodger bats and balls attached to rails, Swing-Arm suspension kit and 15 x 6 turf wheels. Used wagon, but in great shape.
Regular price: $595.00
Sale price: $475.00
Swing-Arm Kit (Small) - Candy Blue
Brand new Swing-Arm suspension kit (small frame) in Candy Blue powder-coat. Fits on any steel pan wagon or wood stake wagon platform up to 37" long. Holes predrilled for most Radio Flyer models.

4 Shocks included with black springs, handle, suspension kit and hardware.
AT Cargo Wagon Cushion Set - Pink
Regular price: $79.95
Sale price: $60.00
Regular price: $19.95
Sale price: $12.00
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